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Welcome to GFL cheer!  We are excited to welcome you to the GFL Cheerleading family! 

It is important to visit your respective association website to learn details and for updated information from the association.

To stay up to date with the latest news, information and announcements for the GFL cheer program, please follow our new social media sites and blogs.

Twitter:  @GFLCheerleading
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Instagram: GFL_Cheerleading
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Email Address:  gflcheerleading@gmail.comBlog: - This will be where we will be adding blog posts about Cheer Tips, Team Bonding Exercises, any tips we come across that we think will be helpful to coaches and all volunteers, and ALL THINGS CHEER OFF!!  If you have any ideas of things we can add, please send your ideas to

GFL Sports
We are a recreational youth age-based football and grade-based cheerleading program serving residents of Northeast Metro Atlanta including Gwinnett County and the surrounding areas.

Each year the GFL plays over 1,000 regular season games and typically fields over 200 football and cheerleading squads!