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Registration and General Information:

It is important to understand that the registration cost and policies are set by each of our member associations for their respective association.  We strongly recommend that for any questions about cost or policies that you contact your respective association.  Contact information can be found under the Associations tab.
Online & Walk-up Registrations usually begin on a Saturday in March.  As specific dates are set each year, they will be posted here and on association websites.  Each association will offer registration at a location they determine.  Please check your local association website for their location for walk up registration.

Many of our associations have fitting and sizing requirements that are only available during the first registration period.  You should confirm with your association on their specific details.

Many of our associations have implemented online registration systems and these systems will remain available until we close registrations for all member associations.

Once again you should confirm with your respective association on their requirements for fitting and sizing as the final registration is very close to the beginning of the season and many of them will be restricted on sizes.

GFL Sports
We are a recreational youth age-based football and grade-based cheerleading program serving residents of Northeast Metro Atlanta including Gwinnett County and the surrounding areas.

Each year the GFL plays over 1,000 regular season games and typically fields over 200 football and cheerleading squads!